Ritherdon Distributor Spotlight: CSP

CSP in New Zealand and the South Pacific

Here at Ritherdon we have always looked to expand our customer base in domestic and foreign markets. Recently we have partnered with New Zealand infrastructure company CSP to distribute our products in New Zealand and the South Pacific.

CSP have been active for over 40 years and share a lot in common with Ritherdon. Like us, they are experienced manufacturers, creating products with locally sourced and international materials from scratch. This also means, like us, they are involved in the production process from creation to installation.

CSP Xew Zealand

CSP Trusted Infrastructure Products

Their products are in line with our own environmentally conscious objectives and new streamlining efforts, making sure to tie sustainability in with what they consider to be ‘sound’ business practices, such as increased efficiency, minimizing waste and safe and quality infrastructure.

With such a similarity in ethos and product, they have been more than happy to partner with and assist us in distributing our products abroad.

Our MD Ben Ritherdon with a CSP Signal Pole in a Ritherdon Atlas Socket

Enhancing Road Safety with CSP Traffic Poles and the Atlas Retention Socket

Currently, they are supplying our Atlas Retention Sockets for use with CSP Traffic Poles and Lighting Columns. There is a high demand for traffic poles in New Zealand due to the need for enhanced safety measures on the roads.

As the population and traffic volume in New Zealand continues to grow, the importance of reliable traffic poles cannot be overstated. With their sturdy construction and advanced technology, these poles are essential for ensuring the safety of both drivers and pedestrians. The demand for traffic poles in New Zealand is only expected to increase in the coming years as the government and local authorities prioritise road safety.

CSP are capitalising on this demand by creating and sourcing an extensive range of traffic signal poles. This is why distributing our Atlas Retention Sockets is a good fit for CSP as our Atlas Retention Sockets are used as a foundation system that allows a damaged pole to be replaced without excavation, making them an ideal component for CSP Traffic Poles.

This partnership with infrastructure provider CSP will allow Ritherdon to bring this innovative and high-quality product to customers in New Zealand and the South Pacific. The Ritherdon Atlas Retention Socket is a reliable and efficient solution for securing street furniture. With its robust design and easy installation features, it is the ideal choice for improving road safety and innovating in the street lighting and road of infrastructure in the region. 

Together with the local expertise of CSP, we anticipate expanding the distribution of Ritherdon products to include more innovations from our street furniture range, whilst improving and complying with New Zealand standards. We are delighted to collaborate with CSP in New Zealand and eagerly look forward to the growth of our business relationship.

New Zealand Infrastructure Experts

We are excited to be working with CSP and look forward to providing exceptional service and support to our New Zealand and South Pacific customers together with our trusted distributor. We are banking on CSP’s extensive experience to meet local needs. Each country has its own special requirements and there is nothing like having local expertise to meet New Zealand’s unique demands. As our MD, Ben Ritherdon discovered on a recent trip to New Zealand, one of the more interesting and unique reasons for the demand of traffic poles is the cultural trend of moving entire houses from one location to another at once! This is but only one anecdote that is specific to New Zealand. 

Or should we say, Aotearoa, as it is know by its Maori name? This is why we must have distributors on the ground that know the specifics of the country and also the transport and infrastructure industry. 

The only way to be able to fit the specific nuances and needs of New Zealanders is to have our own Kiwi partners with local and industry specific technical expertise. 

If you are located in New Zealand and the South Pacific area, do not hesitate to contact our distributor infrastructure expert CSP today. They can introduce you to the benefits of combining Atlas Retention Sockets with CSP Traffic Poles, for a different way of installing traffic signal poles and columns for easier maintenance and long term financial savings. 

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