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Expert procurement meets Ritherdon, is what we have found with our partnership with i3InfraSolutions. 

We are in good hands with a company ready to tackle the challenges of the Australian market with an expert focus on Energy, Rail and Roads.

A team of experts who can procure the best infrastructure solutions that are ready to be put through their paces in the Australian outback. 

Find out more about i3InfraSolutions and Ritherdon’s Australian adventures: 

Bowens Hill Interchange, Brisbane, Queensland Australia.

Australia with its vast territory poses specific infrastructure challenges that i3InfraSolutions are built to face.

Clever Products Distributed in Australia

For the Australian market, the Passive Safe Cabinet, PolePlugs and the Atlas Retention Socket are a great fit. 

The Passive Safe Cabinet being a crash friendly cabinet is a good option where there is a  need for passive safety but where the use of a costly and maintenance heavy crash barrier can be avoided. 

The IP68 rated waterproof PolePlugs are ideal cable connectors keeping traffic signals and street lighting from tethering during impact, preventing any further possible electrical and fire hazards from causing further injury, helping keep roads safer. 

Last but not least, the Atlas Retention Socket for poles and columns is perfect for keeping traffic flowing as it is easy to replace poles and columns after a crash as there is substantially less work and disruption to busy roads required to replace and maintain traffic signal poles and lighting columns. 

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