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i3Infrastructure Solutions: Expert Procurement

Ritherdon has been exporting to Australia with the expertise and assistance of i3InfraSolutions, a team of infrastructure experts with a passion for sourcing products that bring solutions to the Energy, Rail and Roads industries. 

They work in collaboration with MM Electrical Limited, one of Australia’s largest electrical wholesalers with an extensive network across the country, to take care of Australian logistics.

The team at i3InfraSolutions, comprising Paul, Ben, and Zane, has a wealth of experience in project procurement and works tirelessly to procure the best products for their customers, helping countless projects run cost-effectively.

They specialise in electrical cabling, fibre cabling, and earthing systems and can source, design, and occasionally manufacture products to provide niche solutions.

Their focus on niche products led them to Ritherdon and their specialised product offering, particularly PolePlugs, the Atlas Retention Socket, and the innovative Passively Safe Cabinet

Bowens Hill Interchange, Brisbane, Queensland Australia.
Bowens Hill Interchange, Brisbane, Queensland Australia.

Ritherdon Products in Australia

Robust solutions that can handle Australia

The Australian market has found PolePlugs to be an excellent fit. 

In Queensland, lighting poles use PolePlugs cable connectors, which are crucial in harsh weather conditions. These waterproof cable couplers have an IP 68 rating and have proven their resilience during flood situations.
By using robust PolePlugs, the functionality of lighting columns has been effectively maintained, reducing the need for frequent maintenance.
PolePlugs are also ideal cable connectors for preventing traffic signals and lights from tethering during impact, thereby avoiding any further electrical and fire hazards that could cause injury.
Road closed and flooded at Youngs Crossing, Petrie, Queensland, Australia.
Road closed and flooded at Youngs Crossing, Petrie, Queensland, Australia.

Clever Solutions for Traffic Signals

The Atlas Retention Socket is designed for poles and columns, making it ideal for maintaining traffic flow by simplifying the process of replacing them following a crash. This innovative system significantly reduces the amount of work and disruption to busy roads when replacing and servicing traffic signal poles and lighting columns.

With the Atlas Retention Socket, a secure foundation system is utilized, allowing for the easy removal and replacement of a column without the need for excavation.

Although the initial installation may require more time, the use of this advanced socket system ultimately saves time in future maintenance and replacements.

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