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ATC Mobilier Urbain

Introducing ATC Mobilier Urbain, street furniture manufacturers and suppliers, specialising in all manner of bollards and barriers, tree grilles and guards, benches, and litter bins, to serve cities and towns with functional and aesthetically pleasing designs.

Their craftsmanship retains the traditional and heritage feel of towns and cities in France.

ATC Mobilier Urbain is based in the north of the country, in the city of Roubaix, France (part of the metropolitan area of Lille). Their journey began as a department within the renowned Croix foundry, where their craftsmanship was honed over the years.

In March 2005, ATC Mobilier Urbain joined hands with SERI, the leading French street furniture company. Together, they bring over two decades of experience and share the common goal of enhancing urban spaces.

ATC Mobilier Urbain is dedicated to fulfilling customer’s visions, and empowering them is their top priority. They aim to craft urban spaces that inspire and endure.

Systeme FCR Bollard in Lille
Bollard using Polymer Sleeve Retention Sockets in Lille.

Clever Products Distributed in France

In French urban and rural settings, bollards are a common sight, serving as essential elements in marking the boundaries between pedestrian and vehicular traffic. 

These bollards come in different forms to cater to various needs. The slender and more delicate ones ‘potelets’ are often seen lining sidewalks, while the sturdier, squat ones called ‘bornes’, are strategically placed to withstand the impact of vehicular traffic. 

Town squares are also adorned with bollards to ensure traffic flows smoothly, with some bollards requiring frequent replacement due to damage incurred from collisions or other incidents. 

In some cases, bollards may need to be temporarily removed to accommodate events or facilitate maintenance. 

This is where the importance of Polymer Sleeve Sockets comes into play, offering a versatile solution for managing the placement and removal of bollards as needed.

Bollards in Polymer Sleeves Retention Sockets
Horizon Bollards or 'Potelets' fitted in Polymer Sleeve Sockets.

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