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Shergan Traffic Solutions

Shergan Traffic Solutions, a forward-thinking company from Ireland, offers a wide array of innovative products aimed at enhancing road safety, alleviating traffic congestion, and improving the overall aesthetics of public areas.

They offer a wide range of street furniture, like the Torpedo Bollard, SRTS Pencil Bollard, Bell Bollard and more. Their signature Pencil Bollard solutions pair perfectly with the Atlas Retention Socket for simpler and better installations. 

For other innovative solutions like the Passively Safe Cabinet for installation in Ireland, reach out to Shergan Traffic Solutions.

Shergan Traffic Solutions

Get in touch with Shergan Traffic Solutions, who will be happy to help with street furniture and more traffic management, covering all of Ireland.

Clever Products Distributed in Ireland

Find out more about the innovative products that have found a new home in Ireland and are helping to shape the roads in the Emerald Isle. 

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