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Shergan Traffic Solutions is paving the way for safer roads and enhanced public spaces across Ireland. With a firm commitment to innovation and quality, Shergan is dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of products aimed at improving road safety, reducing traffic congestion, and elevating the aesthetic appeal of urban environments.

At Shergan, they pride themselves on their extensive portfolio of traffic management solutions meticulously curated to enhance the urban landscape. From their hometown to cities nationwide, they’re on a mission to create roads that are not only safe but also visually stunning.

Shergan Traffic Solutions
Enhancing Road Safety in Ireland

Atlas Retention Socket Distributor in Ireland

In their pursuit of excellence, they sought out a partner who shares their passion for innovation and design. Enter Ritherdon, renowned specialists in electrical enclosures, whose commitment to functionality and aesthetics perfectly complements their own.

One standout product that caught their attention is the Ritherdon Atlas Retention Socket. This ingenious solution allows for the easy installation and removal of poles, bollards, and signposts without the need for excavation. Whether replacing poles after a collision, adjusting area boundaries, or conducting routine maintenance, the Atlas Retention Socket’s sleek design and durable Stainless Steel finish make it an ideal fit for Shergan’s projects.

Now, with their shared values and commitment to excellence, Shergan Traffic Solutions and Ritherdon have formed a dynamic partnership. As family-run businesses, they are thrilled to announce that Ritherdon products are now available throughout Ireland through their newly established collaboration. Together, they’re redefining road safety and public space aesthetics, one innovative solution at a time.

Delve deeper into the range of products available:

Shergan Pencil Bollards installed in Ritherdon Atlas Retention Sockets
Ritherdon Atlas Socket with Shergan Stainless Steel Bollard

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