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Jobarco: Cable Connectivity Solutions

Jobarco is a leading provider of comprehensive connectivity solutions, offering a diverse range of specialised cables, tailored solutions, and accessories for various industries, including serving the transport sector—a perfect intersection with Ritherdon.

With a commitment to excellent service fuelled by extensive knowledge and a customer-centric approach, Jobarco caters to every cable application under one roof, ensuring optimal solutions to meet customers’ needs, whether it’s standard cables or bespoke solutions.

Jobarco is the go-to brand for all connectivity requirements.

Jobarco’s expansion through mergers with companies like Elspec and Pantaflex led to the formation of the Cable Connectivity Group, now part of Infinite Electronics, Inc.

Jobarco, has a distribution partnership with UK-based Ritherdon, renowned for stainless steel electrical enclosures.

Both Jobarco and Ritherdon are committed to offering specialist solutions to their respective industries. While Jobarco specialises in cable connectivity, Ritherdon specialises in stainless steel electrical enclosures.  Together, they provide innovative solutions for the road and transport sector.

Ritherdon Products in the Netherlands

Jobarco PolePlugs

Jobarco have developed and curated an extensive cable and product portfolio. Together with their expert cable knowledge, they have the ability to develop and customise cables to meet specific customer requirements. The addition of Ritherdon PolePlugs has become an innovative part of their custom cable offering. 

Jobarco’s custom cables and Ritherdon’s PolePlugs moulded cable connectors have created Jobarco PolePlugs or ‘Plop Stekkers’, as they have come to be called in Dutch.

The result is a specialist cable with the added benefit of waterproof IP68 cable couplers. This has become a welcome solution for transport projects especially apt for the Netherlands, where much of the land is below sea level and there is extensive land reclamation.

The expansion of the Port of Rotterdam has proven to be such a project and called for the use of Jobarco PolePlugs. The waterproof cable solution has been used for lighting columns in the upgrade, which has seen the port expand onto the the Maasvlakte 2, an area of reclaimed land finished in 2013, with works due to be completed in 2026.

Massvlakte Rotterdam Harbour
Expansion of the Port of Rotterdam (Maasvlakte).
Street Lighting using Jobarco PolePlug.

one step ahead in road Safety

As knowledgeable suppliers, Jobarco has nurtured great working relationships with key players in the industries they work with. For the transport sector, one such key player is Rijkswaterstaat (RWS) which manages the main highways and the national water system in the Netherlands.

RWS which would be the equivalent of working with England’s transport agency, National Highways, who Ritherdon work with too. 

The Netherlands transport agency has shown a keen interest in improving road safety and they are exploring ways to remove crash barriers that may represent potential hazards on the roads.

Thanks to an excellent partnership, Jobarco have been able to advise on the possibility of using Ritherdon’s Passively Safe Cabinet as a way to improve and reduce injuries on the roads.

Jobarco is continuing to expand its innovative product offering with the Atlas Retention Socket, which is a good fit for Jobarco’s customer base. The Atlas Retention Socket has proven to be an effective solution for installing traffic signals.

Both Jobarco and Ritherdon look forward to seeing where this collaboration will take us. If this is something you would like to be a part of, we invite you to get in touch with Jobarco if you are in the Netherlands for expert guidance.

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