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Ritherdon & Co. Ltd

More than a century of ingenuity

Ritherdon & Company Ltd is a family-owned, engineering company based near Manchester in the northwest of England.

We design, develop and make a range of varied products, from electrical and meter box repair enclosures to specialist fire protection and other innovative equipment for the following industries: 

The one thing our products have in common is Ritherdon’s commitment to innovative design and excellent manufacturing standards.

Our appetite for problem-solving with our customers has created not only an unmatched product range but also a leading-edge capacity for product development work.

Ritherdon brings you a selection of Clever Products alongside our design and manufacturing expertise.

Open feeder pillar featuring a hinged door and wooden backboard

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Hinged door feeder pillar in green, powder coated stainless steel

We are seeking opportunities to expand our reach and increase our presence globally by partnering with distributors who can help offer our innovative range of Clever Products.

This collaboration will not only allow us to tap into new markets but also showcase our unique selection to a diverse audience worldwide. 

By establishing a network of distributors across the globe, we aim to create a seamless distribution channel that can efficiently cater to the needs of customers in various regions. 

This strategic approach will enable us to leverage the expertise and local knowledge of our partners, ensuring that our Clever Products are easily accessible to a wider customer base.

Through this partnership, we look forward to building long-lasting relationships with distributors who share our vision of providing high-quality and innovative solutions to consumers around the world.

Innovative Design

Ritherdon design, manufacture and supply all under one roof. Always looking for innovative solutions through design. 

British Manufacturer

Experienced workforce and  capacity for co-development. Established product designs, all made in Britain. 

UK Market Leader

Track record as manufacturer and supplier to local and national government departments, leading electrical contractors, facilities and construction sector.

Product Range

Through our innovative design we have created Clever Products for Roads and Highways and Construction and Housing.

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