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Passive Safe Cabinet Crash Friendly Roadside Cabinet

Passive Safe Cabinet

Need electrical equipment right next to the roadside or close to a break away post?

Use a crash friendly cabinet, with no need to install costly vehicle restraint systems.



Do you have long install times and issues with water damaging cabling?

Get cable connectors with extra electrical safety for crash friendly posts and columns.

Atlas Retention Socket from Ritherdon

Atlas Retention Socket

Is it costly and time consuming to excavate again?

There is a quicker way to organise traffic.

RH Feeder Pillar Hinged Door Feeder Pillar

RH Pillar

Replacing pillars far too often?

Use an outdoor enclosure that lasts and is easy to install.

Fire Seal Access Panel 1-Hour Fire Protection


Need to re-install old meter boxes that are now fire hazards?

Simply cover with a safe and compliant 60 minutes fire protection solution.

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