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Does this sound familiar?

Are you used to brushing away small issues that don’t seem to have any apparent solution? 

Explore Issues

Do you find yourself asking the same question, could we do something different? Explore some of the issues and problems that you might be facing and see if they apply to you. Find out how Ritherdon’s offer of clever products can help.  

Passive Safe Cabinet

Need electrical equipment to close to the roadside? Not sure what to install next to a breakaway post?


We have long install times and issues with water damaging cabling. We need extra electrical safety for crash friendly posts and columns.

Atlas Retention Socket

It's costly and time consuming to excavate again. We need a quicker way to organise traffic.

RH Pillar

Replacing pillars far too often? How about an outdoor enclosure that lasts and is easy to install?


You don't always need to move the electrics and other services for adequate 60 minute fire protection.

A Different Approach

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