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Passive Road Safety Also For Roadside Cabinets

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What is a Passive Safe Cabinet?

Crash tested roadside cabinet that reduces potential injury to road users if crashed into at high and low speeds. The world’s first passive safe cabinet tested to EN 12767. Used extensively in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The Passive Safe Cabinet is the first of its kind and extends passive safety to roadside enclosures.

Who uses them?

Specified by civil engineers and highway engineers in conjunction with street lighting departments and other Highways/ Road departments.

Why use them?

Roadside cabinets which can now be made passively safe, offering a real contribution in the reduction of personal injury to the occupants of vehicles involved in such accidents.

Safety barriers are traditionally used to prevent vehicles hitting objects such as larger signposts, lighting columns and traffic signal posts.  However, these are expensive to install and maintain and are a hazard in themselves.  Crash barriers may not be necessary where passively safe street furniture (tested to EN 12767) is employed.

Where the road design will benefit from a safer alternative to traditional cabinets and other street furniture. Avoids the need to use a crash barrier. Should be used in the same manner as other passive safe road structures such as crash tested/safe lighting columns.

Issues that you may have experienced

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Couldn’t find a safe alternative to place a cabinet?

Ritherdon crash friendly cabinet will increase road safety and help keep projects compliant.

Without PSC

Other roadside cabinets:

With PSC

PSC crash friendly cabinet:

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