Simple & Safe Cable Disconnection



PolePlugs are electrical cable couplers made for traffic poles and columns designed to quickly disconnect and re-connect. 

They provide emergency disconnection for posts and columns and other powered roadside street furniture. 

Electrical Cable Disconnection for Street Furniture

Strong Cable Connector IP68 Protection

What is a PolePlug?

PolePlugs are submersible, waterproof cable connectors designed to safely and easily connect and disconnect. Designed for street furniture such as street lighting columns, traffic signals and signs. 

The easy disconnection achieved with PolePlugs reduces the risk of post-impact injuries from exposed, live wiring (electric shock and fuel ignition by sparking). 

Designed in accordance with BS EN 60309-1-1999 A2-2012.

Who uses them?

Street lighting departments, Traffic Signals departments and Highways departments.

As well as street lighting contractors, who opt for PolePlugs because of their waterproof rating (IP68) and durability.


Why use them?

Poleplugs allow easy and safe electrical connection.

They avoid wiring cables on site.

They are rated IP68 which means they are submersible and waterproof. When disconnected the female coupler has a cap that achieves IP68 when on keeping connectors dry.

Provides extra safety for electrical connections inside illuminated street furniture.

Issues that you may have experienced

Does this sound Familiar?

Issues that you may have experienced with cable disconnection in columns or posts.

Maybe trying something different  will help you accomplish more in your next project.

Without PolePlugs

Other cable connectors:

With PolePlugs

Using PolePlug Cable Connector

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