FireSeal Access Panels

1-Hour Fire Protection for Meter Boxes

Fire Seal Access Panel 1-Hour Fire Protection

FireSeal Access Panels

FireSeals access panels are specifically crafted to provide an efficient solution for upgrading meter boxes and other openings where a fire wall may have been compromised, ensuring a high level of safety with 60 minutes of fire protection.

These panels are designed with durability and security in mind, offering a reliable barrier against the spread of fire in critical areas.

By installing these access panels, property owners can have peace of mind knowing that their infrastructure is better equipped to handle potential fire hazards. Additionally, these panels are built to meet strict fire safety regulations, making them a practical choice for commercial and residential properties alike.

With their innovative design and robust construction, these fire rated access panels are a valuable investment in the overall safety and security of any building.

Fire Tested Access Panels

Reinstate 60 Minute Fire Protection

Fire Seal Access Panel 1-Hour Fire Protection

What is a FireSeal?

Fire rated access panels designed to easily upgrade meter boxes and other apertures where a fire wall has been compromised with 60 minute fire protection.

Fire tested (front and back) access panel made from stainless steel. Lockable and available in a range of sizes.

Who uses them?

Builders, housing, and construction companies and their contractors.

As well as local government and local housing associations.

Why use them?

Provides effective fire protection and easily retrofits over existing enclosures, meter boxes, junction boxes, and other fixings.

Able to easily reinstate 1 hour fire protection in a compartment wall or fire wall.  

Issues that you may have experienced

Does this sound Familiar?

Have you had a hard time fire stopping old meter boxes or have had to re-install and completely disconnect utilities?

Are different fire hazards being brought up during fire risk assessments?

Without FireSeals

Other fire protection:

With FireSeals

Using FireSeals:

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