Atlas Retention Socket

Easy reinstallation of Poles

Atlas Retention Socket

The Atlas Retention Socket is a base for the installation of traffic signal poles or lighting columns that requires no re-excavation when poles are damaged and need to be replaced quickly. 

Atlas Retention Socket

Maintenance made Easy for Posts and Columns

What is the Atlas?

The Atlas Retention Socket is a secure foundation system that makes it easy to remove and replace a column without excavation.

The Atlas Retention Socket is a base designed to remain in the ground undamaged following a knockdown of the pole, post or column.

Easily replace the damaged pole without having to dig up and re-excavate. Reduces work on site with the associated cost benefits.

Who uses the Atlas?

Street lighting engineers, contractors and government departments specify the Atlas in their projects.

Traffic Signals engineers and their departments, use them for their projects.

Highways authorities, government departments, and relevant local authorities.

As well as specialist contractors and consultants for commercial and private sector projects.

Why use the Atlas?

For ease and speed of replacement of knock downed poles, posts or columns. A traffic signal installed using the Atlas Retention Socket is easier to replace following the knock down of the pole and contributes to reduce downtime in busy traffic signal junctions.

 The Atlas provides drastically reduces maintenance and keeps traffic flowing.

Issues that you may have experienced

Does this sound familiar?

We understand that you might do things differently, using other bases or methods for installing poles and columns.

Yet we believe you might come up against these  common issues when installing poles and columns.

Without the Atlas

Other Foundations or Bases:

Using the Atlas

The Atlas provides solutions:

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