RH Pillar

Stainless Steel Hinged Door Feeder Pillar

Hinged door feeder pillar in green, powder coated stainless steel

RH Pillar

The Ritherdon RH Feeder Pillar is characterized by a hinged door, fortified with a durable stainless steel hinge, and a leakproof neoprene gasket. The door of this feeder pillar integrates perfectly with the body.

The Ritherdon RH Feeder Pillar comes with a built-in root and has been designed and built to resist moderate forced entry. To ensure an extended lifespan, the entire unit is crafted from 2.0 mm thick stainless steel, topped with a powder-coated finish.

Easy Maintenance Outdoor Power Box

Range of Stainless Steel Hinged Door Feeder Pillars

Open feeder pillar featuring a hinged door and wooden backboard

What is an RH Pillar?

The RH Pillar is a feeder pillar featuring a hinged door, made for the outdoors with a high IP rating. 

A feeder pillar is also know as an outdoor power box, distribution pillar, service pillar or power pillar.

The RH Pillar range comes in six different widths (sizes), each with a  a hinged door, is root mounted, and includes a wooden backboard for fitting electrical equipment inside.

Made from stainless steel, a highly durable and versatile material, which not only adds to its longevity but also makes it fully recyclable at the end of its lifetime.

Who uses RH Pillars?

Utility contractorselectrical contractors and construction and housing contractors, as well as local authorities, municipal councils and city councils or town councils. 

Also used to bring power distribution for road infrastructure and street lighting, thus specified and used by street lighting engineers and contractors.

Traffic Signals engineers and their departments. Highways authorities.

Specialists contractors, such as parking projects, security and CCTV applications.

Hinged door feeder pillar in green, powder coated stainless steel
Hinged door feeder pillar detail showing inner hinge and neoprene gasket

Why use RH Pillars?

Due to their long service life, and good design qualities to protect the electrical equipment needed to be installed outdoors from harsh conditions 24/7.

Durable stainless steel construction, excellent water ingress protection, and easy to install root are the advantages of the RH pillar. 

The RH range comes in three different sizes to meet your project needs.

Provides extra safety for electrical connections inside illuminated street furniture.

Issues that you may have experienced

Does this sound Familiar?

Issues that you may have experienced during the service life of feeder pillars or outdoor electrical enclosures.

The right choice of feeder pillar will increase service life and reduce maintenance.

Without RH Pillar

Other outdoor feeder pillars or power boxes:

With RH Pillar

Ritherdon hinged door feeder pillar:

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RH Pillars used with PolePlugs, provide easy electrical disconnection when required and an additional level of safety.

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