Enhancing Road Safety in Ireland

Shergan Traffic Solutions Partners with Ritherdon

Shergan Traffic Solutions is an innovative Irish company that provides a comprehensive range of products to help improve the safety of roads, reduce traffic congestion, and enhance the look and feel of public spaces.

Starting with their hometown in Mullingar, County Westmeath, they are committed to creating safe and beautiful roads throughout Ireland.

Shergan has developed an extensive portfolio of traffic management solutions with a difference, selecting products that are able to enhance urban environments.

They specialise in unique street furniture such as their signature pencil bollards that are perfect for traffic management in school zones, educational centres, children’s playgrounds, or public libraries.

Shergan Pencil Bollards installed in Ritherdon Atlas Retention Sockets

Never ones to compromise, Shergan Traffic Solutions reached out to Ritherdon to find innovative solutions to deliver on their commitment of creating safer and more beautiful roads in their homeland of Ireland.

Ritherdon, who also has a strong commitment to functionality and design, caught their eye.

Always on the lookout for innovation, they enquired about the Ritherdon Atlas Retention Socket, which is used to install poles in all their variations, bollards, and signs posts amongst them.

Ritherdon Atlas Socket with Shergan Stainless Steel Bollard

The advantage of using the Ritherdon Atlas Retention Socket is that once the pole is installed, it can easily be removed again without excavation, making it an ideal solution for replacing poles after a crash, changing the boundary of an area, or performing maintenance, making the Ritherdon Atlas Retention Socket’s sleek design and smart, Stainless Steel finish, a perfect fit for Shergan.

The two companies have now joined forces, aligning their shared values as family-run businesses, with Ritherdon products now being distributed throughout Ireland in a newly established partnership.

Does this sound like a solution you've been looking for?

Get in touch with Shergan Traffic Solutions, who will be happy to help with street furniture and more traffic management, covering all of Ireland. 

Shergan have an extensive porfolio, including their signature bollard solutions. Paired with the Atlas Retention Socket, they make an ideal solution. If you’re interested in any of the other Ritherdon innovative solutions, like the Passively Safe Cabinet to install in Ireland, please get in touch with our partners, Shergan Traffic Solutions. 

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