Ritherdon Distributor Spotlight Jobarco: A Dutch Cable Solution for Safer Roads

Ritherdon Distributor Spotlight: Jobarco

Jobarco, a Dutch electrical equipment company, has a long-standing distribution partnership with UK-based Ritherdon.

With roots going back to 1933, Jobarco has been operating for a very long time, much like Ritherdon. Initially a Dutch electrical cable company, Jobarco has since expanded its operations by merging with other electrical companies like Elspec and Pantaflex into the Cable Connectivity Group. Since then, they have become part of the Infinite Electronics, Inc. a global portfolio of leading in-stock connectivity solution brands.

Headquartered in Benthuizen, Netherlands, Jobarco offers speciality cable solutions. Both Ritherdon and Jobarco share the same common goal, to provide specialist solutions to the industries they serve. With Jobarco specialising in cable connectivity and Ritherdon specialising in stainless steel electrical enclosures, together, they are able to provide innovative solutions for industries, like the roads and transport sector.

This is where Ritherdon’s expertise has been put to good use, as, through the years, Ritherdon has specialised in passively safe road products along with years of experience in the manufacture of outdoor electrical enclosures mainly used on roads and highways.

Jobarco have been supplying PolePlug cable couplers for passively safe lighting columns in the Netherlands for many years. The PolePlug is moulded onto cable specifically for the Dutch road lighting sector adding to the performance of their crash-friendly (botsvriendelijk in Dutch) street furniture and further improving safety on the Netherlands’ roads.

The Pole Plug cables are Installed within lighting poles and disconnect upon impact. This prevents the pole from remaining tethered and also reduces the risk of electric shock and/or sparking from exposed live conductors if the cable is damaged.

Given their long-standing relationship, Ritherdon and Jobarco have been exploring ways to expand their partnership and improve road safety innovations. Recently, Ritherdon and Jobarco have been discussing other areas where Ritherdon products could improve road safety in the Netherlands.

Specifically, they discussed Ritherdon’s Passively Safe Cabinet, which detaches on impact like the Pole Plugs, and their Atlas Retention Sockets for efficient replacement of damaged poles.

Ritherdon is eager to supply Jobarco and the Netherlands with world-class safety products for highways. This partnership is a great opportunity to improve road safety and strengthen their relationship. Ritherdon looks forward to collaborating more with Jobarco in the future.